Who is Protect Our Pets?

We are a group of dog owners who have either had a dog seriously injured, killed or just fearful of an attack. We are lobbying Parliament and local councils for more protection for Companion Dogs. We have no commercial interest in any organisation that we are promoting on this website.


We wish to draw attention to the unacceptable level of suffering caused to companion dogs and their owners through irresponsible dog ownership


We can offer advice on current legislation relating to dog on dog attacks and emotional support for distressed owners as a result of an attack


We are sign posting puncture resistant coats for dogs, a responsible pet parent programme and resources to support our campaign if you would like to get involved

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Take Me With You
Gaye Fisher

Gaye Fisher


Gaye's Jackapoo Brody was killed in an unprovoked attack in May 2018

Barbara Rhodes

Barbara Rhodes


Barbara and her dog were both injured in an attack. Her dog survived but is suffering long term anxiety

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