Protect Our Pets

Protect our Pets came into being in 2018. Since then we have supported more than 2,000 people. A large number joined us because their dog had been attacked and they were shocked to learn that an attack was not a criminal offence. The rest have joined because they are acutely aware of how this problem continues to escalate, they want to learn more about protecting their pet and to help us campaign.

Over the years we have been recording attacks in the hope that our legislators would realise the scale of the problem. We have tirelessly contacted MPs, councils, dog charities and DEFRA all seemingly to no avail.

Then finally last month we saw a light at the end of the tunnel. Anna Firth MP introduced a Bill to Parliament, informally called Emilie's Law. Thankfully it was successful and it will progress to the second reading in November. If it makes it onto the Statute Books a fatal dog-on-dog attack will become a criminal offence. This is a major step forward and will give the police and Courts more powers to hold irresponsible dog owners to account.

We are now managing our campaign on Facebook. If you would like to join us then please click here. We have plenty of resources and a Template Letter to send to your MP if you would like to support this new Law.

If you would like to purchase the K9 Dog Deterrent Spray then please click here.

If you would like a made to measure Doggy Armour coat then please click here.

If you have had the misfortune to have suffered an attack please complete this survey It Is being run by a Swedish University. It is telling that no organisation has offered to run such a survey for us in the UK.

Thank you